Microsoft E3 Xbox One LIVE event quick reaction

Xbox E3
Xbox E3

Microsoft just wrapped up their much-anticipated 2013 E3 Live press conference that featured an overwhelming amount of detail about everything from the new Xbox 360, Xbox One features, the new Xbox Live, Xbox One games, and, finally, Xbox One pricing and release information.

Pictured above, a new Xbox 360 will be released TODAY. Xbox One, on the other hand, will be released in November of 2013 and priced at a whopping $499 (429 pounds and 499 Euros). By the way, that price is significantly higher than many experts were predicting Microsoft would decide to price the Xbox One and, judging by instant Twitter reactions, fans are not happy about the steep price for the next-gen console.

There was also an extensive preview of the new Xbox Live which is going to feature new elements such as SmartGlass and SmartMatch, which are supposed to both enhance and more easily facilitate a quicker live gaming experience. Upload Studio is another new feature that will enable players to edit, customize, and, you guessed it, upload their own gaming videos directly through their Xbox One. The new Xbox Live will also move from Microsoft Points to REAL money.

Here are a handful of the many games teased and talked about during the conference:

- Forza 5, featuring "Drivatars" that remember how a player drives and drive like real humans, apparently.

- Minecraft was also quickly teased, demonstrating Microsoft's dedication to indie games, as well.

- Dead Rising 3 will enable users to make a weapon out of "anything and everything," use new distraction tools to get away from zombies, put emphasis on the importance of getting around and discovery in cars, and offer a more customized experience. (Holiday release)

- A new Halo title will be released in early 2014, but we were given very little actual information about the game after a vague (but very cool) teaser that took place in a desert with a hooded Master Chief.

- An extensive Titalfall trailer also debuted at the end of the event.