Hi Guess The Movie: Cheats, tips, and answers

Hi Guess The Movie
Hi Guess The Movie

Already beat Hi Guess The Brand and itching to guess the answers to more logos? Start playing Hi Guess The Movie! It's from the same company that brought you Hi Guess The Brand and it's just as addicting.

If you're ahead of the curve and are already playing it, but can't figure out the answer to one of the levels, look no further! Thanks to our friends at Modojo, we're gathering all of the answers for you and posting them right here.

To find out which level you're stuck on, check the top right corner of your device's screen and then click on the corresponding photo below to get the answer!

Click here for Levels 1-100 cheatsClick here for Levels 101-200 cheats
Click here for Levels 201-300 cheats

The Lorax

Level 1-10

Austin Powers

Level 11-20

Mr. Bean

Level 21-30

Spider Man

Level 31-40

Dark Knight

Level 41-50

Tomb Raider

Level 51-60

Kill Bill

Level 61-70

Toy Story

Level 71-80

One Day

Level 81-90

Brave Heart

Level 91-100

Get the answers to MORE Hi Guess The Movie levels HERE!

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