Auto Industry On Hiring Binge

Claire Gordon
workers on auto industry assembly line
workers on auto industry assembly line

Since its dreariest days, the U.S. auto industry has made an impressive comeback. Now the country is at a tipping point: So many factories are working at capacity that companies are considering expansion, and a big fat hiring binge.

AOL Autos reports that vehicle sales could reach 15.5 million this year, a six-year high, as families finally have the cash to upgrade their 2001 Volvos (the average car on American roads is now a record 11.2 years old). Hiring has been modest so far this year, but The Center for Automotive Research expects the industry to add 35,000 in total through 2013. Right now, there are 14,600 job openings in the auto industry on CareerBuilder alone.

What companies are hiring, and where? What kinds of jobs are available? Read the full story on AOL Autos.