Nonalcoholic Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Like a Drink

Father's Day gifts

Pretty much any Father's Day gift guide you see is going to include at least one entry advising you to buy him a bottle of brown liquor. America's fathers, we're told, would like nothing more than an expensive bottle of scotch, or perhaps a more modestly-priced bottle of bourbon.

For many men, that's absolutely true. But just because dad enjoys his booze doesn't mean a bottle of Laphroaig or Maker's Mark is necessarily the best Father's Day gift. Perhaps he's already got way more liquor in the cabinet than he's ever going to be able to drink. Perhaps he's become more of a wine or martini guy in his old age. Perhaps he's building a home bar, and would rather get some tools for mixing his own cocktails.

Or maybe you'd just prefer to get him something a bit more creative than another bottle of hard liquor. Whatever, the case, we've gathered some clever gift ideas for the dad who likes the occasional drink, but wants to have a bit more fun with it.

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