Salesman Claims Employer Harassed Him Over Playgirl 'Lumberjack' Photos

Daniel Sawka in
Daniel Sawka in

Unless you're pursuing a career in, say, reality television, posing naked probably is unwise. The Internet is filled with stories of women fired after decades-old sexy photos of them surfaced. Now, it seems that men who pose naked and want regular jobs also face risks.

Daniel Sawka has filed a lawsuit against ADP, his former employer, alleging that his co-workers mercilessly mocked him constantly after discovering that he'd posed for Playgirl 18 years earlier. Only a month after Sawka joined ADP as a district sales manager in 2009, he says that his co-workers discovered the Playgirl photos in which he posed as a "naked lumberjack," and began shouting, "Timber!" whenever they saw him, according to his lawsuit (reported by Courthouse News).

"Jokes and comments [were] made. ... about the plaintiff's body parts, including his genitals, and a comment about homosexual men viewing the photos and what they would be doing while viewing the photos," the lawsuit said.

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Sawka claims that he repeatedly asked employees to stop "googling him" and "leave me alone," but they persisted, calling up the Playgirl photos at work and making frequent references to them -- even at awards meetings in front of people he barely knew.

Daniel Sawka on Playgirl
Daniel Sawka on Playgirl

He says that in March 2011, he was "constructively discharged" -- a legal term which means that working conditions became so intolerable that the employee felt forced to resign. He's seeking damages for back pay, bonuses, personal days, and lost pension.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Sawka managed a territory selling ADP small business services and was named "Top District Manager Of the Week" for the region six times. A month after he left ADP, he joined a Connecticut firm as an account sales representative, where he still works. He's also apparently a model and is represented by Ramona's Talent. ADP spokesman Kevin Bryla declined to comment, saying it is "an active investigation."

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