This Father's Day, Oscar Mayer Wants You to 'Say It With Bacon'

Say it with bacon

We'll be honest: We're getting a little sick of bacon.

No, not bacon itself. Rest assured, we still find cured pork delightful. But bacon as a marketing gimmick is starting to get old, and the flood of wacky bacon products is starting to wear on us. Denny's (DENN) has an annual bacon festival it calls Baconalia, complete with bacon sundaes. Sonic (SONC) just introduced a peanut-butter-and-bacon shake. And you can buy bacon soap, bacon-flavored condoms and taco shells made out of bacon.

Yes, bacon is delicious. But every time we see another stupid bacon product or winking commercial extolling how "epic" bacon is, bacon comes a little closer to jumping the shark. So when we saw that Oscar Mayer had launched some big bacon campaign for Father's Day, we were skeptical.

But then we had a chance to see the company's entry in the Bacon Wars:

Brilliant, right?

While everybody else was slapping bacon on something incongruous and then mugging for the camera, Oscar-Mayer decided to do something clever. The ad is a perfect send-up of jewelry commercials, from the horse-drawn carriage to the lab technician talking about the "four C's" of bacon. It even draws a clever analogy between liquid smoke and cubic zirconia.

The accompanying product offering, geared toward Father's Day shoppers, is a large jewelry case containing a pack of bacon and your choice of a money clip, multi-tool or set of bacon cufflinks. While it's not clear how the bacon is kept cold on delivery, that doesn't seem to be bothering the baconphiles, as all three options have already sold out.

Fortunately, Oscar Mayer insists that more stock is added every day. So if you think this is the perfect gift for Father's Day, we suggest monitoring the site to see when the next batch of pork arrives.

Matt Brownell is the consumer and retail reporter for DailyFinance. You can reach him at, and follow him on Twitter at @Brownellorama.