This Father's Day, Oscar Mayer Wants You to 'Say It With Bacon'

Say it with bacon

We'll be honest: We're getting a little sick of bacon.

No, not bacon itself. Rest assured, we still find cured pork delightful. But bacon as a marketing gimmick is starting to get old, and the flood of wacky bacon products is starting to wear on us. Denny's (DENN) has an annual bacon festival it calls Baconalia, complete with bacon sundaes. Sonic (SONC) just introduced a peanut-butter-and-bacon shake. And you can buy bacon soap, bacon-flavored condoms and taco shells made out of bacon.

Yes, bacon is delicious. But every time we see another stupid bacon product or winking commercial extolling how "epic" bacon is, bacon comes a little closer to jumping the shark. So when we saw that Oscar Mayer had launched some big bacon campaign for Father's Day, we were skeptical.

But then we had a chance to see the company's entry in the Bacon Wars:

Brilliant, right?

While everybody else was slapping bacon on something incongruous and then mugging for the camera, Oscar-Mayer decided to do something clever. The ad is a perfect send-up of jewelry commercials, from the horse-drawn carriage to the lab technician talking about the "four C's" of bacon. It even draws a clever analogy between liquid smoke and cubic zirconia.

The accompanying product offering, geared toward Father's Day shoppers, is a large jewelry case containing a pack of bacon and your choice of a money clip, multi-tool or set of bacon cufflinks. While it's not clear how the bacon is kept cold on delivery, that doesn't seem to be bothering the baconphiles, as all three options have already sold out.

Fortunately, Oscar Mayer insists that more stock is added every day. So if you think this is the perfect gift for Father's Day, we suggest monitoring the site to see when the next batch of pork arrives.

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This Father's Day, Oscar Mayer Wants You to 'Say It With Bacon'
Get ready for an entire TV show devoted to bacon. The show, which premiered Dec. 30, follows California chef Todd Fisher as he travels across America in search of the tastiest bacon dishes. We suppose it was only a matter of time.
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Now you can enjoy the sweet smell of bacon even while shaving, thanks to this bacon-scenting shaving cream. It's made by a company called J&D's Foods. Co-founder Dave Lefkow described the product as a "high end, luxurious bacon-scented shaving cream for all skin types... Our advanced heat-activated aromatic technology lasts for hours and delivers maximum bacon scent when you need it most." Mmm.
McDonald's showed us the many uses of bacon in a quirky ad campaign that featured a picture of a bacon air freshener, a bacon tie and a slew of others that left us scratching our heads.The original graphic series, called "Your Daily Bacon," was launched to mark the chain's new bacon-y sandwich, the "CBO," or Cheddar Bacon Onion burger.
Chinese pig farmer Huang Demin said earlier this year that he has an usual way to produce better tasting bacon. Huang makes his pigs dive, every day, from a roughly 10-foot-tall wooden platform into a pond -- he believes the diving improves the pigs' immunity against disease, enabling them to eat more and grow faster. The quality of the pork, he claims, is greatly improved as a result.
We were floored by the strikingly realistic appearance of this bacon scarf, created by Swiss artist Natalie Luder. You can get one for $180 on Luder's website.
The imaginative folks at Shapeways 3D Printers recently dreamed up a slice of bacon formed in the shape of a Möbius strip, which is a surface with only one side and only one boundary component. Well, sort of. Although the product's web site touts it as vegan and kosher, on the same page it reads: "Disclaimer for idiots: Don't eat it."
What better way to serve bacon than to have it be the bowl. An innovative Reddit user recently posted images illustrating the idea and made us really mad we didn't think of it first.
Bacon's unwavering popularity has greatly impacted the novelty product industry. The Huffington Post found that the sales of bacon items at Accoutrements, a popular novelty company, have increased by 300 percent over the last decade.
In September, the world was shocked to learn that a global bacon shortage was unavoidable. We later learned that although a so-called "aporkalypse" was possible, it was unlikely --- but not before we'd found 7 items to stock our porky doomsday bunker, several bacon recipes and a bunch of bacon-y GIFs. Photo by Flickr user cote.
We can always rely on overseas fast food markets for interesting dishes. Earlier this year, KFC Japan offered these bacon potato fritters for a limited time. Essentially, it was mashed potatoes mixed with bacon, herbs and sour cream that are then battered and fried. Sounds delicious, but not so nutritious.
Ah, we love Nick Offerman. We especially love Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson, the bacon-loving, moustache-wearing outdoorsman and Libertarian on NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation." As if we needed another reason to think he's office, Offerman put together a video for CollegeHumor in which he performs a beat poetry ode to bacon. Well done, sir.
Oscar Mayer stands by its new bacon so much, or so the company says in a recent advertising stunt, that it sent actor/comedian Josh Sankey across the country with it and nothing else. Specifically, 3,000 pounds of its new thick cut bacon the company touted as "worth its weight in gold," and therefore usable as currency, according to the campaign's logic.
Des Moine resident Eileen Gannon snagged top honors at a Seattle's Best Coffee recipe contest this year with an entry flavored with caramelized bacon and pumpkin pie spice. She dubbed the concoction, "How to Win a Guy with One Sip," and won over both judges and Facebook voters of the coffee company's Red Cup Showdown over five other finalists.
If you've ever had a bacon emergency, you'll understand the importance of this bacon tear sheet.
In August, we learned that Burger King was testing a limited time offer of a $1 BK Bacon Burger, with onion, ketchup and mayo. Would you buy one?
Sometimes, one kind of bacon just isn't enough. In July, Hardee's and Carl's Jr. debuted the "Bacon Bacon Biscuit," a breakfast sandwich with both bacon strips and Canadian bacon (and American cheese and an egg). It is available now at all locations that serve "Made from Scratch" biscuits.
This summer, Burger King rolled out what might be its most decadent frozen offering ever: a bacon sundae. The item features vanilla soft serve with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a piece of bacon.
Words can't really describe this tribute to bacon, set to the tune of Celine Dion's ballad "The Power Of Love." In the food world, if any single item was to deserve such a tribute song, it's only fitting that it's bacon.
What's to do when life's problems have got you down? Rub some bacon on it, according to a new video by comedy duo Rhett & Link. The pair have previously made a slew of media appearances the likes of Conan, CNN, The Jay Leno Show, NPR and more.
In March, one man decided to take advantage of Burger King Japan's promotion in which patrons can add 15 strips of bacon on your burger for a mere 110 Yen, or $1.24. Apparently, 15 strips weren't enough -- in this video, a dude attempts to chow down on a Whopper with 1,050 bacon strips, or 70 15-strip upgrades.
The enterprising and cholesterol-laden minds behind BaconSalt, Baconnaise and most recently, the Bacon Coffin, are readying for their closeup. The "Bacon Boys," otherwise known as Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, have their own reality show in the works.
If you like bacon, or like looking at close-up shots of bacon, then this short video, titled "The Benevolent Butcher: Bacon," doesn't really need much introduction. Just watch it -- it's beautifully filmed by Armstrong Pitts Studios and full of a lot of pork close-ups.
So rabid was the public's hunger for bacon this year, that we compiled a list of bacon-themed gifts. Go forth and eat bacon!

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