More Than 50 Percent Of Americans Don't Have Jobs: Infographic

Few figures are as obsessed over as the unemployment rate. Today, economists and pundits are falling over each other to dissect the meaning of May's slight uptick to 7.6 percent. But there are a lot of things that number doesn't tell us, like how many Americans aren't actually working. That number, it turns out, is closer to 55 percent.

Now, that's if you include every person in America, including babies. Cut out the under-16s, and you are still left with 34 percent of Americans who don't work at all. Who are they? What do they do all day? Check out the infographic below.

First, the caveats: The numbers are based on the population count from the 2010 Census, and data from as close to that time as possible, to keep it consistent. And the 8.8% unemployed? That's not the unemployment rate, which is the number of people who can't find work as a percentage of Americans in the labor force. This is the number of people who can't find work as a percentage of the Americans who aren't working. Sorry if that's a little tricky to digest; people don't often count the non-workers of America.

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