E3 2013: Get inside the mind of Garrett with new THIEF trailer


Garrett LOVES to steal. Some steal to survive; this guy survives to steal. The latest trailer from Square Enix goes inside the mind of Garrett, the master thief in Eidos-Montréal's next title THIEF, due for release in 2014 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Stealing is my way of life; it sets me free in the night. Every rivet and stitch lets me find what I desire. The cloth that hides me, the tools that arm me... all lead to that priceless moment.

THIEF will be just one of the many titles Square Enix has to show off this year. The full lineup of games the publisher will be bringing to E3 can be found here. While GameZone will be sure to provide in-depth coverage of all the latest Square Enix games and news, the publisher will also be hosting a live online broadcast from its booth, giving fans behind-the-scenes access to developer interviews, hands-on previews, and much more.

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