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Man of Steel
Man of Steel

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an awesome new mobile game!

I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to realize more and more that mobile games are quickly becoming my Kryptonite. Put a great mobile game in my hands, and it's a pretty safe bet that I'll become completely absorbed in the adventure, and forget all about whatever real-life duties I was supposed to be doing that day. And that's why it's somewhat ironic that the next great mobile game on my list deals with a character that has his very own Kryptonite as well: only his downfall actually happens to be Kryptonite, literally!

Serving as a tie-in to the upcoming Man of Steel film, Man of Steel the game is a 3D style-brawler where players take on the role of Superman himself, and beat the stuffing out of General Zod and his Kryptonian forces in both ground and air battles. Story Mode is set to feature a truly cinematic experience through locations that coincide with the film, such as Smallville and the Kent Farm; while Survivor Mode lets Superman fans compete against one another to see who can hold out the longest against Zod's evil forces.

Watch the Man of Steel mobile game trailer here:

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