The Secret To Success In The New Economy Is ... Being Nice?

Adam Grant explains why giving leads to success in the workplace. What's the best way to get ahead? It's long been assumed that being nice puts you at a disadvantage, inviting people to trample over you as they make their way to the corner office. In fact, studies have shown that CEOs are four times more likely to be psychopathic than regular workers.

Adam Grant, a management professor at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, has made a splash with his new book called Give and Take. As the world of work has become more interconnected, he argues, the successful people are those who have strong relationships. But how helpful and giving do you need to be? And exactly what kind of help should you expect in return? Grant, who, at 31, is Wharton's youngest tenured professor, joined AOL Jobs' "Lunchtime Live" series Friday to answer those questions -- and more.

"You don't have to be Mother Theresa or Gandhi," he said during the chat. "Rather you should try to find ways to add high value to other peoples' lives that are low cost to you personally."

He brought on writer Rob Tobin to talk about how he recently posted an offer on his social networks to take care of a "five-minute favor," a tactic Grant champions, for anyone who was willing. The result? "An avalanche of [work] offers," Tobin said.

Watch the whole chat here, or the highlights below:

Lunchtime Live- The Secret To Success Is Being Nice?.M4v

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