5 Housing Sectors Making A Comeback

movers unloading a truckDuring the financial crisis, the housing sector was decimated, losing 2 million of the total 9 million jobs lost in the recession, according to CNN Money. Now that the housing recovery is well underway -- prices are climbing at rates not seen in seven years -- are the jobs also coming back?

A new study from CareerBuilder finds positive signs. Since 2011, 187,000 construction jobs and another 59,000 related positions have been created, and in the past year or so, "we're seeing signs of a rebound in everything," Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, said in a news release. (CareerBuilder is an AOL Jobs sponsor.)

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That doesn't mean all housing-related professions are a safe bet. The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce recently found that college graduates with architecture degrees had an unemployment rate of 13.9 percent, the highest among all recent graduates in the study. Still, some segments are bouncing back. Check out these five:

5. Upholstered household-furniture manufacturing
  • Added 1,828 jobs since 2011, 4 percent growth.
  • 53,838 people currently employed.

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4. Hardware, paint and wallpaper stores
  • Added 4,062 jobs since 2011 -- 2 percent growth.
  • 184,017 people currently employed.

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3. Building materials dealers
  • Added 11,305 jobs since 2011 -- 4 percent growth.
  • 317,987 people currently employed.

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2. Investment brokersand mortgage brokers
  • Added 19,317 jobs since 2011 -- 30 percent growth.
  • 84,759 people currently employed.

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1. Home centers and other home furnishing stores
  • Added 23,849 jobs since 2011, 3 percent growth.
  • 823,496 people currently employed.

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