Beach House Diaries: 10 Tips for Unplugging at the Beach House

Beach House Diaries

Tired of being connected 24/7? A beach house is a wonderful place to take a break. After you've done the requisite vacation prep at work (alerting colleagues or clients, delegating tasks if required; you know the drill), following these steps will help you cut the electronic umbilical cord and truly get away from it all.
Planning Ahead
  • Limit temptation by minimizing the number of tech toys you bring. Start by leaving your laptop at home.
  • Conveniently "forgetting" your charger on weekend trips will make you measure your time online more carefully.
  • You'll want a phone for emergency purposes, but putting it in airplane mode will help keep you honest.
  • If you do need your phone on, don't use it as an alarm clock. Once you wake up with it, it's hard to let go.

At the Beach House
  • Forgo Candy Crush Saga and try Candyland (the board game) or sub Scrabble for Words with Friends.
  • Stay active: you won't be itching to text or pining for Pinterest when you're out having fun in the sun.
  • If your kids (or you!) go into withdrawal, open a tech window -- say, an hour per night or on rainy days only.

Chronicling the Moment
  • Rely on a real camera rather than Instagram. You'll use it less, focusing on what matters more.
  • Capture memories in a journal or scrapbook. To keep others in the loop, go retro and write a postcard.
  • Instead of constantly tweeting about what a great time you're having at the beach, just have a great time.
Susan MacCallum-Whitcomb will report on life at a summer beach house in AOL Travel's weekly Beach House Diaries. Follow along with her or share your beach house tips in the comments below.
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