Pandora Launches Televised Music Service


Streaming music service Pandoratoday released, a personalized integration of radio for television.

The new service allows users to play music directly to television through browsers on Xbox 360 game consoles, and the company plans to expand its reach to other televisions, set-top setups, and game consoles as it begins work with additional vendors.

According to the company, more than one-third of radio listening occurs at home. To capitalize on this, Pandora has created more than 1,000 partner "integrations" that include more than 900 consumer devices, and says it has reached more than 10 million listeners through Internet-connected televisions. The new service features navigation via controls and displays designed for the big screen.

Tom Conrad, Pandora's chief technical officer and executive vice president of product, believes the new service is a logical progression in an emerging technology. The service "will allow [Pandora] to quickly evolve and enhance the 10-foot experience of Pandora with greater flexibility and speed than ever before," he is quoted as saying. "By using this platform, we can deliver a uniform experience across any standards-compliant TV, game console, or set top box and focus our efforts on end user benefits and innovation rather than platform specific details."


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