Dumb Ways To Die iPad Review

Dumb Ways To Die
Dumb Ways To Die

Currently, the number one game on the iOS App Store isn't Candy Crush Saga or Running with Friends. It's Dumb Ways to Die, a collection of mini-games inspired by a YouTube video with over 47 million views. Think of Nintendo's WarioWare but significantly more violent. We just wish there was more content.

The concept involves completing a series of short mini-games through touch, tilt and even blowing into the iPhone and iPad; fortunately, you can switch off the latter. Each segment involves rescuing a character from an untimely demise. Successfully squirting mustard onto a hotdog prevents someone from getting bitten by a snake. Spelling the word "patience" as quickly as possible, meanwhile, allows a character to safely cross tracks without getting hit by a train; yet another asks you to clean vomit off the screen (this one's gross).

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