Rumor: E3 Xbox One games revealed?

Xbox One
Xbox One

During their Xbox One reveal event, Microsft stated they had 15 exclusive titles for Xbox One set to release within the the console's first year. Since then, there has been much speculation about the titles that will be revealed at E3. But now it seems like there may have been an E3 surprise leaked out. An image showing logos for titles that me be the games Microsoft is set to reveal during it's E3 Press conference.

Check out the picture below.

From the image, we can already see that we will be getting a variety of games shown at E3 2013. Two new Halo oriented games, Halo Five and something called Halo Spartan Assault. (Possibly a new RTS Halo game for Xbox One?) A new Banjo Kazooie title which some believe to be called Grunty Land, logos for Quantum Break, Forza Five, and a new Fable game. Some may be overjoyed to see a logo for Dead Rising 3, with the number 3 replacing the E in the title. If all of this is real, then there is only 8 games left that are unknown for the Microsoft event at E3. For all we know, this could be another elaborate photoshop job, so it should all be takenwith a grain of salt. Looks like we'll have to wait till E3 for them to spill the beans during the conference.

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