Could Lionhead be remaking Fable 1 and The Lost Chapters in HD?

Fable 1
Fable 1

Apparently I've been living under a rock, since according to Lionhead's newest teaser trailer, everyone has been asking for a Fable 1 HD remake for, like, ever. Sure the original Fable was pretty rad, though I think the nostalgia goggles might be getting the best of people. After all, it certainly didn't live up to Molyneux's promises.

Regardless of this fact, Lionhead Studios sans Molyneux are apparently answering people's wishes with an announcement that Fable and The Lost Chapters will be coming back in HD, but on the Xbox 360.
While it's great that fans will get to play the original, mediocre game in HD, it seems like a missed opportunity to not wait and make this also available for the Xbox One. Though, a PC release would also be nice.

Stay tuned until we find out more regarding Lionhead's teaser.

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