Office Prank Caused Man To Kill Co-Workers, Authorities Say

Andrew Lobban, alleged murdererA few nightclub bouncers in Ocala, Fla., had been laughing for days over an embarrassing video of one of their co-workers. Then, tired of the teasing, that co-worker apparently snapped, killing three of them, authorities told the Ocala Star Banner. The bouncer in the video, Andrew Joseph "Punchy" Lobban, has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the incident.

Lobban, 31, recently had gone to a shooting range with one of his fellow bouncers who, according to authorities, recorded Lobban misfiring a gun, then shared the video of Lobban with other bouncers at a local nightclub, the Ocala Entertainment Complex.

Lobban "just kept harping on that" during questioning by police, Ocala Police Department spokeswoman Sgt. Angy Scroble told the Star Banner of the teasing about the video. "It really bothered him."

On Saturday night, Lobban, a reportedly mild-mannered guy, was with three of his co-workers outside a bar. According to witnesses, there was no confrontation until Lobban, who'd recently been mocked for his gun handling, put a bullet in the heads of Josue "Sway" Santiago, 25, Benjamin Larz Hoard, 23, and Jerry Lamar Bynes Jr., 20. Lobban reportedly told police that he'd only intended to shoot Santiago.

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According to authorities, Lobban admitted to running from the scene of the shootings and dumping his weapon, a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, a block away in a city garbage can. He was was arrested shortly before noon the following day. According to Scroble, there was nothing in Lobban's record to indicate a violent past.

But sometimes what appears to be a harmless taunt can feel much darker on the receiving end. Earlier this month, an Intel employee, Harvey Palacio, filed a federal lawsuit after co-workers taped a "Kick Me" sign to his back and then kicked him a number of times, even as he asked for help removing it. He claimed that he was the victim of months of pranks and taunts because he is Filipino. The two pranksters were fired, and convicted of petty misdemeanor battery.

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