5 Women CEOs Who Are Saving Tech

Weili Dai

Wall Street is notorious for its lack of female executives. A mere 4 percent of Fortune 500 businesses have a woman occupying the CEO seat.

Lately, however, a new trend is starting to surface. When once-great companies find themselves stuck in a dark place, they're beginning to appoint female leaders to get them out of the woods.

The New 'Feminine Mystique'

Women like Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg, and Meg Whitman may stir up buzz when they take and hold the top jobs, but they're also generating results.

Forget whatever myths you might have held about the "fairer sex." These women are powerful and unafraid to tackle a challenge. Besides helping obliterate a glass ceiling, they're breathing life into tech companies that have encountered some seriously difficult situations.

Here's how these female execs are turning the beat around for companies we once thought were flatlining.


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