'Wheel of Fortune' Million-Dollar Winner Visits 'Good Morning America'

Autumn Erhard, the second-ever million-dollar winner on "Wheel of Fortune," visited ABC's "Good Morning America" on Monday to discuss her improbable windfall victory.

Erhard, a 30 year-old animal pharmaceutical sales rep from Laguna Niguel, Calif., quickly solved a challenging puzzle in the game show's bonus round while holding the million-dollar wedge, which increases the $100,000 top prize by a factor of 10. When host Pat Sajak, stunned by her performance, revealed that she had, improbably, won $1 million, Erhard said, "It felt like I was in a dream, it was so surreal."

"It felt like I kind of blacked out."

Erhard said she had to keep her "Wheel" success a secret for about three and a half months after the taping, until the show aired last Thursday night. Her upcoming wedding just became significantly easier to plan.

The $1 million prize was added in 2008. The only other player to win it, Michele Lowenstein, did so in October of that year. Lowenstein, a floral designer, kept her job and said she was saving her winnings "for a rainy day ... Don't get me wrong, I did go on a few shopping trips." She added, "The taxes were awful."

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