The Last of Us multiplayer mode sounds like the Oregon Trail on crack

The Last of Us
The Last of Us might have the coolest, most confusing multiplayer mode out of all console shooters. According to multiplayer details that were found in the title's demo and posted to Pastebin, there is a clan-based mode that sounds out of this world.

Basically, you are in a large free-roam map that's filled with hordes of infected. NPCs will be trained and need to be defended from waves of infected enemies. Human players try to recruit NPC Clan members, as NPCs can die from starvation, infection, or through combat. It sounds like Oregon Trail on crack.

Missions exist around the map that reward you and your teammates. And since the world is active, you'll have to do your best to prepare for whatever might happen by looting everything and crafting the best weapons. Also, ammo is limited... so have fun with that. You can also train clan members, send them on missions, and heave them defend the camp and fight of Marauders.

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