TASER Makes Upwards of $1.7 Million in New Sales


In its latest update on stun-gun sales, TASER Internationalreported Monday that it's booked several new orders for its eponymous stunguns. All are expected to ship and to show up in Q2 earnings when the company releases those in July. Specifically, Taser has sold:

  • 943 TASER X2 "Smart Weapons" to the Louisiana State Police.

  • 150 more X2s to the West Palm Beach Police in Florida.

  • A further 100 X2s to the Sarasota Police Department, also in Florida.

  • 78 more X2s to the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office in California, along with 50 TASER CAM HD recorders.

  • 69 X26P "Conducted Electrical Weapons" to the Grand Junction Police Department in Colorado.

Additional sales of X2s, X26Ps, and TASER CAM HDs -- presumably orders of less than 20 units each -- were booked to law-enforcement customers in Alaska, Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

Financial details of the sales were not disclosed, but at advertised list prices (for those products for which prices are listed), the sum total of the aforementioned orders appears to exceed $1.7 million.

TASER shares ticked up marginally in response to the news, rising 0.1% to close at $9.50.

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