Sony CEO on PS4 launch: 'Want to make sure we have the best and compelling games'

Playstation 4
Playstation 4

It's no secret that Sony is setting up the PS4 as the system for "gamers." Taking advantage of Microsoft's own stance as an"all-in-one entertainment device"with the Xbox One, Sony is looking to appeal to traditional gamers first and foremost.

Early feedback seems to indicate Sony has already done a better job than Microsoft in marketing the PS4 as a gaming console, but when asked by CNBC how Sony plans to "position [the PS4] to be a better gaming experience than the Xbox One, and get ahead of them, features-wise?" company CEO Kaz Hirai issued the following response:

"I think that with any PlayStation platform launch, and certainly with PlayStation 4, we want to make sure that we have the best and compelling games that we bring to our consumers and fans through both our first party studio products, as well as from our third party partners."

"And that obviously, in this generation of software and hardware, is going to include a lot of social aspects, a lot of network aspects as well," Hirai concluded. "But I think we've been synonymous with bringing compelling gaming experiences to customers around the world and PS4 is no exception."

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