NCAA Football 14 introduces all-new Power Recruiting and Coach Skills

NCAA Football 14 is undergoing quite a few changes this year. In addition to all the conference realignments, EA Sports has been hard at work revamping some of the old systems -- particularly in Dynasty Mode. For those unfamiliar, Dynasty Mode allows you to become head coach, taking control over all aspects of your team including recruiting, roster management, and actually playing the game. This year there are two new features that EA has taken the time to highlight: Power Recruiting and Coach Skills.

In an attempt to streamline some of the more mundane recruiting activities, NCAA Football 14 will say goodbye to the traditional scouting and recruitment system that had you allot a certain amount of time making phone calls and pitches to recruits on a week-to-week basis. In its place will be Power Recruiting which allows you to assign a set number of points to each recruit on a week-to-week basis. As explained in the video, you can set your board to spend the max number of points on a recruit to win him over, and once you feel comfortable that he will commit, you can adjust those points over to a different player.

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