Even GTA 5's publisher is confused with the Xbox One's used game policy


It seems that even publishers are confused with Microsoft's regulations on pre-owned games with the Xbox One -- particularly on the part where they could receive a cut of arumored "activation fee" paid for by the retailer.

"There's no question that if Microsoft has figured out a way to tax used games, then we should get paid, too,"
-Take-Two Interactive CEO Strass Zelnick.

There seems to be some confusion surrounding how the Xbox One will tackle the pre-owned game market. You'd think if the rumored activation fee were true -- and the money split between Microsoft and the publisher -- then a publisher as large as Take-Two would know the details. Perhaps it's true that Microsoft hasn't yet finalized its pre-owned policy, or maybe Zelnick is just playing dumb.

Regardless, Take-Two's stance on used games is not to "whine" about missing out on revenue due to secondhand sales, according to Zelnick.

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