Dreamland walkthrough


Game Objective: To find your brother's contract and destroy it and to defeat the evil dwarf who runs Dreamland.

General Tips to Help You Play Dreamland

White Sparkling Areas: These indicate a hidden object scene or an object that can be picked up. Keep your eyes open for these in order to find objects you need to move forward in the game.

Green Sparkling Areas: Indicates an area you can look closer at and zoom in on.

Hint Button: If you're stuck, and you don't know what to do next, or you can't find an object, use the hint button to help you out.

Inventory Bar: This bar is at the bottom of your screen and holds all the items you have found. Hover your mouse over it to bring it up.

Diary: This will store all the vital information you need to remember as you play the game. Feel free to click on this to look up information or clues about what to do next.

Tasks: This will show you a list of all the tasks you need to complete.

Map: When your map is unfurled, it means there is a mini-game that has opened up at a location. Use your map to travel instantly from place to place by clicking on the location.

Magnifying Glass: This will allow you to zoom in on an area.


Welcome to Dreamland!


- To begin, close your diary and then click on the starfish on the left. If you collect all 20 of them, you'll receive a trophy!
- Click on the clown door and discover that the clown is missing his nose. Go back to the gate by clicking down.
- Next, click on the hidden object area on the right to play it.


- Find all the hidden items in the scene. You will need to grab the basketball and place it in the basket first.
- Once you have found all the hidden objects, you will receive the clown's nose.
- Click on the gate to zoom in on the clown's face.


- Place the red clown nose on the clown face where the nose is missing.
- This will start a puzzle game.
- To solve the puzzle, simply turn each of the four handles until they make a part of the clown's face light up. See the video for a detailed solution.


- Once you solve the puzzle, the clown will open his mouth.
- Use the ticket in your inventory on the mouth to give it to him.
- Watch the cut scene and the gate will open.
- Go through the gate.


- After the evil dwarf talks to you, pick up the two pieces of wood.
- Then click on the map on the right to grab it.
- Click again to zoom in and grab the starfish on the board.
- Zoom back out and click on the popcorn stand to play the hidden object game.


- Find all the items in the hidden object scene. Click on the half of a queen of spades card and bring it to the other half to form the whole card.
- Once you have found all the hidden objects, you will receive the coin with four faces.

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