Taco Bell Receives Amazing Application

Taco Bell job application on Reddit
Taco Bell job application on Reddit

A sense of humor can serve you well in many situations. A job application, however, may not be one of them. That apparently did not deter one prospective Taco Bell employee when filling out his application -- and his application immediately prompted a debate online as to what his true motive was.

According to an application that was posted Friday to Reddit, the anonymous online forum,the candidate -- described as the brother of a girlfriend of a Reddit editor -- wrote a humorous little story in response to the standard question, "How did you find out about TACO BELL?" In response to the standard question of "desired salary," he wrote: "Minimum wage."

The applicant's name was not shown on Reddit, nor was the position for which he was applying. But while no one in his or her right mind "desires" a federal minimum wage -- $7.25 an hour, it's probably the most realistic expectation for fast food workers. Most workers in the industry make exactly that hourly wage, which has been a sore point and has resulted in fast-food workers' strikes in five cities. Was this application a sly way of making a political point?

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