Review: Fuse lacks the personality to truly stand out among third-person shooters

Remember when Fuse was first unveiled as Overstrike, a game rife with action and humor? Well, as the story goes, Insomniac Games' co-op shooter was transformed into a more "realistic" sci-fi shooter. But lost in the makeover process was everything that made Fuse, or Overstrike, appealing. In an attempt to be taken more seriously it seems Fuse has lost its identity. It's merely a faceless shooter among a saturated market.

The story of Fuse is about as stale as a sci-fi plot gets: A secret government agency, working with alien technology (Fuse), gets attacked by a terrorist organization known as Raven. Looking to satisfy their own motivations, Raven attempts to unleash this technology upon the world. It's a typical terrorist-driven plot that sees a team of mercenary agents called Overstrike 9 -- comprised of four characters each with their own uniquely modified weapons -- on a mission to recover the stolen goods.

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