Preview: Watch Dogs creates a paradise fit for a hacker

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs made a big splash when it was first unveiled at last year's E3 and, with its daring new take on third-person sandbox adventures, has quickly become one of the most anticipated titles of the year. I recently got a chance to check out the game, and my already high hopes for the game have only gotten higher. Ubisoft is taking some big risks, and, if the build I saw is any indication, those risks are most definitely paying off.

Ubisoft decided to eschew story details in favor of purely unscripted gameplay for this presentation. Gamers play as Aiden Pearce, a mysterious man with a dark, troubled past, roaming the streets of a not-so-distant future Chicago. Aiden isn't a good guy by any means, but it will be up to players to decide if the actions he takes in the game are 'good' or not. At the core of Watch Dogs is a hacking mechanic that, combined with Aiden's own dirty street smarts, will determine how the game moves forward. Via Aiden's smartphone, players can hack literally anything: streetlights, cellphones, bank accounts, wifi routers, security cameras, and more. By hacking these devices, players will be able to access vital information to solve mysteries, as well as fundamentally alter the game world and lives of the NPCs. Literally any computer in the city can be hacked, and this provides a seemingly limitless number of possibilities for gamers to play around with.

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