Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Primed For iPhone And iPad June 6

Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush

Ironhide Game Studio's Kingdom Rush is still one of the best tower defense games for smartphones and tablets. Thankfully, there's more to this series than steady updates. In fact, a sequel's on the way, as Kingdom Rush: Frontiers will debut on iPhone and iPad June 6.

The short of it? More levels, heroes, enemies and towers, but here's the full list from Ironhide, along with the debut trailer.

Eight New Special Towers - Complement the classic towers with assassins, necromancers, and even earthquake machines... shake things up, literally.

Exotic New Levels - Batten down the hatches and defend over a dozen levels like dangerous deserts, underground caves, and lush jungles. Oh, and by "lush," we mean "full of man-eating plants." Feed me, Seymour.

A Whole New Horde - Bomb, snipe and cut down more than 40 enemies, from giant scorpions to angry gorillas. No need to worry about regular-sized scorpions and slumbering chimps, mind you.

A Heap of Heroes - Bring down the hammer with nine new heroes like Cronan the Beastmaster and Sha'Tra the Alien Predator, all with fully customizable upgrades.
Bells and Whistles... and Giant Sandworms - You like Easter eggs? We got 'em. 70 achievements, unlockable weapons, and even a Black Dragon that will set your enemies on fire - all that and plenty more.

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