Interview: Chatting about The Elder Scrolls Online with Director Matt Firor

The Elder Scrolls
The Elder Scrolls

Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios revealed that they were working on an MMO project based on The Elder Scrolls just over a year ago. The project, aptly titled The Elder Scrolls Online, is due out later this year, and since its announcement it has received a large amount of coverage. I spoke with Director Matt Firor at a recent Bethesda press event, and we discussed Elder Scrolls Online, what folks can expect from the game, and more.

GameZone: First off, The Elder Scrolls Online has been on the receiving end of some mixed reactions. How do you address folks who haven't been exactly supportive of the idea of an MMO based on Elder Scrolls?

Matt Firor: Well, you have to concentrate on the people who have actually played it. We've been at PAX East where it was hands-on, and we've gotten lots of feedback from people who've gotten hands-on. The reaction from them has generally been super positive, and these are the people we care about. We care about what the fans and the people who are actually looking forward to the game have to say, because they're the audience we're making this game for.

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