Burger King Employee Foils Robbery By Hiding Getaway Car

A Burger King employee in Northern California is the latest inductee into the Heroic Worker Hall of Fame, after slipping out the back of the store during an armed robbery and hiding the suspects' getaway car. According to police, two young men, identified as Jeremy Lovitt, 23, and Gabriel Gonzales, 19, held up the Stockton fast food joint at gunpoint Thursday evening. One demanded that an employee empty the register, while the other ordered the manager to open the safe, reports Sacramento TV station KXTV.

As this was going on, a third employee sneaked out to get help, spotted a car with the engine running and, guessing that it was the robbers' car, hopped in and drove it around the corner. The police quickly caught up with Lovitt and Gonzales as they tried to flee on foot.

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Earlier this month, another fast food worker became a crime-buster when she saw the car stolen from her roll into the drive-thru at the McDonald's where she worked. She called police who arrested the driver as she was pulling out. And in April, a clerk at a Michigan convenience store sent two masked men running when he confronted them with an assault weapon.

But sometimes crime-fighting-on-the-job doesn't win you a hug and a bonus from the boss. Two years ago, a Walgreens pharmacist in Michigan was fired after discharging a handgun during an armed robbery, sending the gunmen running. The employee said that he didn't realize that carrying a concealed firearm -- even though he was doing it legally -- violated Walgreen's policy, and a federal judge sided with the drug retail chain.

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