Finding the Best Deal on New Wheels this Memorial Day

new car shopping buyers

Memorial Day weekend marks the official beginning of summer, as well as a chance for car dealers to use that extra day to try and lure buyers into the showroom. If you have been watching TV, listening to the radio or reading the newspaper, you know there are Memorial Day "blowouts" galore.

More people are in market to buy a new car than even automakers thought would be the case a few months ago. To cope with rising demand, Detroit companies are pulling back on customary summer downtime for workers and telling them they will be needed to turn out more new sheet metal.

Considering their plight a few years ago when General Motors (GM) and Chrysler both filed for bankruptcy, this is a high-class problem to have now.

So, what do you need to know as you scroll shopping sites such as AOL Autos for the your next set of wheels? Here are some of the latest reviews, news and buying tips that will save you money and hopefully make your buying experience the best it can be.

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