Tips To Dominate In Madden 25

Madden 25
Madden 25

With Madden 25 right around the corner, we decided to compile a list of some of our favorite tips and strategies that hold true in every Madden game regardless of the year, console, or skill level of the person playing.

Use A Custom Playbook in Madden 25

With the ability to finally use a custom playbook in connected franchise mode in Madden 25, you no longer have an excuse not to use one (other than you are just lazy). Ask any pro Madden gamer how hard it is to stop over 300 of the best plays in the game consistently. It is a living nightmare that your opponent will have to try to defend. Unless you are in a Madden 25 league, tournament, or game that doesn't allow custom playbooks, create one and get comfortable with it.

Pay Attention to What Your Opponent is Doing

Does your opponent like to call a certain play when he comes out in a specific formation? Does your opponent only run to the side of the field with the most room? Is your opponent only calling pass plays? All 3 of these questions can often be answered by a resounding, "Yes!" You should be able to pick up on your opponents tendencies by the 2nd half. Once you pick up what your opponent is doing, you can dominate any Madden game, especially Madden 25, without using any specific tips or money plays.

Focus on Defense

While paying attention can help you win games, their will be times when you are completely outmatched and you really have no shot of winning. No matter what schemes or strategies you are using, nothing seems to work. 99% of Madden NFL players in this situation get frustrated and just give up by either quitting or mentally checking out. But it is at this point that the elite Madden 25 gamer would take out a pen and paper (or a tablet for those of you technologically advanced) and start taking notes on what your opponent is doing. If you can't stop it, chances are a large majority of other people you play won't be able too either. Mark down things like what formation it is, who the open receiver(s) is, when they come open, what routes every other receiver runs, and the timing of the play. Then after the game go find the play and head into practice mode to perfect it for yourself. At this point you have just turned one of the most frustrating moments of a Madden 25 game into an entire year of dominance.

Every heard the saying, "Defense wins championships?" The same holds true in any Madden video game. The best professional Madden gamers win the big tournaments because of their defense. At the highest levels, everyone knows the same sort of tips, money plays, and schemes on offense. Those Madden 25 tips will be shared on, Youtube, and other websites. Defense is generally harder to master and therefore harder to share. Offense will come to you if you follow the tip above this and just observe what works for your opponent and simply incorporate bits and pieces of other people's offenses into your own.

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