Tetris Blitz cheats and tips

Tetris Blitz
You must think quickly to dominate Tetris Blitz for iOS and Android. Electronic Arts' newest game gives you just two minutes to achieve a high score. Where should tetriminos go? Which power-ups should you buy? No worries. You'll score tons of points by following these puzzle-solving tips.

-Quickly form lines to build the Frenzy meter on the left. Filling it activates Frenzy Mode, which lets you form chain reactions that result in big-time combos; lines are worth double points.

-Frenzy blocks allow you to make longer cascades.

-Equipping power-ups before playing is the best way to score the most points. Tap the question mark next to each power-up for a description of what it does. You may equip up to three at a time.

-A weekly power-up is available for a limited time unless you purchase it outright or use it a set number of times to permanently add the item to your collection.
-Power-up blocks randomly fall into place, and you must form lines that incorporate these special tetriminos to activate them.

-Unused power-ups will automatically trigger when time expires.

-Like the Tetris Blitz Facebook page to receive 1,000 coins.

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