Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows review

Legacy Tales Mercy of the Gallows The very first thing I noticed when playing Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows was the soothing, realistic sound of waves gently lapping, as if I were standing on a windy dock. That and the background music do a great job of setting the perfect tone for this pirate adventure.

While the sound effects throughout the game are really great, I found myself wishing the narrator would speak a little faster. I found myself cutting him off and hitting "next" because I had already read the page and the narrator was only halfway through... come on already... I don't have all day!

The graphics in Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows are strikingly detailed and beautiful. Unlike other games of the genre, however, the screens took awhile to load. I thought maybe it was my computer but changing the settings or restarting didn't seem to resolve these issues, so the slowness appears to be game-based.
The main characters, William van der Decken and his wife Isabele, lived long ago and are the subject of local folklore. The sea captain and his wife lived in a fairy-tale-like castle located, of course, on a dock.

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