Halliburton Joins the Natural Gas Vehicle Party


Another day, another U.S. company announces that it is deploying a fleet of natural gas vehicles. This week, it's Haliburton's turn: The company will be adding 100 natural gas vehicles to its fleet. Vehicles aren't the only way this company is betting on natural gas, though. Halliburton and its partners have also successfully completed a well, but they did so using natural gas instead of diesel fuel as a power source.

The fuel savings for 100 natural gas vehicles may not change Halliburton's income statement much right now, but moving to natural gas will certainly take a bite out of costs. Its also easy to imagine that natural gas drillers will like seeing these vehicles show up on site. In this video, Fool.com contributor Tyler Crowe looks at why although this story may seem small, these small stories will all add up to something big for the industry.

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