Cradle of Persia walkthrough

Cradle of Persia
Managing Resources
  • Cities require resources to buy them. Make extra matches on the resources you need to purchase the next city.
  • Finishing levels quickly earns you the resource the game determines you need the most. Sweet!
  • Every 20,000 points gets you an extra life.
  • Try to link 5 tiles or more to get the maximum amount of points.

Cradle of Persia
Power ups
  • Use fully-upgraded power-ups early so you can have time to refill it.That way you can refill it and use it again or save it for the next level.
  • Don't use power-ups at the end of a level if possible so you can use it in the next round.
  • If you only have 1 match to finish a level, match as many power-ups as you can and replenish your bonus so you'll have it for the next round

Cradle of Persia
  • In the harder levels, make matches in the hard to reach corners first.
  • Hang on to your bonuses during the last levels since there is no bonus round to replenish them.

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