Virgin America, Southwest Top Consumer Reports Airline Ratings

737 MAX 8 artwork SWA Southwest Airlines
737 MAX 8 artwork SWA Southwest Airlines

Consumer Reports released its new ratings of the best and worst airlines. Virgin America was at the top of the list. Spirit Airlines Inc. (NASDAQ: SAVE) was at the bottom. Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) was in second place among the winners. On the wrong end of the list, United Continental Holdings Inc. (NYSE: UAL) and American Airlines were in second-worst and third-worst place.

The research organization reported on its airline travel ratings:

More than 16,000 readers told us about their experiences on 31,732 domestic round-trip flights in the previous 12 months. Seven of the 11 airlines they rated received low scores for seating comfort. Only JetBlue, Hawaiian, Southwest, and Virgin America did better. They also topped our list overall.

Other quality-of-flight measures also got low marks from readers who flew on lower-rated airlines, including cabin-crew service, cleanliness, and in-flight entertainment. The proliferation of added fees further contributes to passengers' low opinion of today's flying experience.

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