Techland's latest game, Dying Light, proves that the studio is sticking to what it knows best

Dying Light
It's not surprising that Techland, the creators behind the somewhat flawed, yet ultimately fun Dead Island games, are geared up for yet another zombie apocalypse with Dying Light.

The game will differentiate itself from the Dead Island series by introducing a new night and day mechanic, where players will traverse the expansive environment while scavenging for supplies and crafting weapons during the day, and then become the hunted at night. The more frightening, dangerous and aggresive infected will come out during the night, so it's up to the player to be prepared for it..

The game will also feature heavy free running mechanics to make the player feel more nimble, and allow unrestricted exploration around the open world.

Dying Light however won't be published by Deep Silver, the publisher behind the Dead Islandgames, but rather fall under Warner Bros. wing.

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