Boeing Unveils New BBJ 3 Business Jet


Boeing unveiled its newest business jet, the BBJ 3, Wednesday, putting it on display at the 2013 European Business Aviation Conference in Geneva.

The BBJ 3, built in partnership with General Electric , is based on Boeing's 737-900ER design, but outfitted with a luxury interior. In the configuration shown off in Switzerland, it's designed to carry 38 passengers, along with a crew of eight. So far, seven of the planes are on order by Boeing's customers.

Touting the airplane's attributes, Boeing said the BBJ 3 is able to fly 4,900 nautical miles straight without refueling, which is 1,500 miles farther than its closest Airbus competitor, the ACJ. According to Boeing, this extra range is a key selling point for the BBJ 3. To date, the company says its BBJ line of business jets outsells Airbus seven to one.

The plane's price is said to run anywhere from $75 million to $90 million apiece, which is less than the advertised list price on the 737-900ER commercial jet from which it's derived. That may say more about the amount that Boeing's commercial jets are discounted from list price than it does about the price customers actually pay for the BBJ 3, however.

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