Need for Speed Rivals blends single and multiplayer experience with AllDrive

Need For Speed Rivals
Need For Speed Rivals

You can't have a next-gen console release without a Need for Speed title to go along with it. The new development team, Ghost Studios, comprised of talented individuals from studios like Criterion, Rockstar, Turn10, Bizarre and Playground, are at the helm of the upcoming Need for Speed Rivals, which will be coming out on Xbox One and PS4, as well as Xbox 360 and PS3.

Aside from the truly open, and large open-world racers will be able to drive around in, Ghost Studios is merging the single and multiplayer experience with an all new feature called AllDrive. Thanks to AllDrive, players will be able to seamless connect to other players and populate their world. Since this connection is done seamlessly, players don't even have to be in the same area, and can experience races completely separate from one another.

However, since the game will once again feature racers vs. cops, those in cop cars can try to take down other racers mid race, or team up with others on the police force and lay down the law.

Ghost Studios have stated that there is no dedicated single player mode or multiplayer mode, instead, as soon as you jump in the game, other players will be able to populate each others worlds instantly. For those that prefer to play alone though, the ability to set the game world to private is still available.

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