Microsoft Introduces New Kinect for Windows


After introducing an enhanced Kinect senor for its new Xbox One just a few days ago, Microsoftsaid today that a new generation of Kinect is coming to Windows computers. Bob Heddle, Director of Kinect for Windows, said in a blog post that, "A new Kinect for Windows era is coming: an era of unprecedented responsiveness and precision."

The company said that the Kinect for Windows technology is designed for businesses and organizations. Some of the new features include:

  • Higher fidelity: The new Kinect for Windows sports a new HD video camera, and a microphone that picks up voice commands while in crowded rooms. The Kinect also has a new enhanced motion sensor that, "recognizes precise motions and details, such as slight wrist rotation, body position, and even the wrinkles in your clothes," according to Microsoft.

  • Expanded field of view: The company said the new Kinect sensors can recognize many different-sized rooms making it easier for business to integrate the technology for clicker-free presentations and training sessions.

  • Improved tracking: The new Kinect sensor can pick up more body recognition points, allowing for more accurate tracking of body movements. The sensors can also track up to six people at a time.

  • Improved infrared technology: Enhanced infrared technology now allows the Kinect to work in almost any lighting condition.

The Kinect will officially launch at the BUILD 2013 conference next month. Pricing information hasn't been released yet.

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