Las Vegas's 6 Best Buffet Hangover Cures

Eggs Benedict Caesar's Palace hangover cure

Other than showgirls and the neon cowboy known as Vegas Vic, few things are more endemic to Las Vegas than a hangover. From free drinks for casino gamblers to beer-soaked poolside parties and nightclubs that never stop, booze and its aftereffects are constant companions for many Sin City visitors.

Revelers seeking hair-of-the-dog fixes to absorb all those toxins should train their bleary eyes no farther than the following buffet cures.
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Las Vegas's 6 Best Buffet Hangover Cures
Should you actually have woken up and gone searching for a food fix before noon, hit up the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars for its all-in eggs Benedict, a rich combination of the usual suspects -- poached egg and Mornay sauce -- plus the spicy note of pepper bacon, the added tang and goo of cheddar cheese and extra starch in a layer of hash browns.
There's something about the ease with which braised meats fall apart at the lightest touch that is most welcome weakened morning-after diners. Combine that soft, easy-on-the-gums texture with the rich reward of rendered fat -- abundant in short ribs -- and the caramelized umami of a long, slow braise and you have the perfect protein fix piled high on the buffet at The Cosmopolitan.
If a rose by any other name is still a rose, then a burger, however you dress it up, is always a hangover go-to. Caesars' Bacchanal Buffet satisfies slider seekers with substantial patties dripping in melted cheddar on a folio of butter lettuce and an accent tomato slice, with all associated juices sopped up by a willing sesame seed bun. Recommended dosage: multiple.
For all of the elegance of the Wynn Las Vegas, its buffet knows how to satisfy the greasy spoon cravings of the over-served. Combining fat and starch brilliantly in one dish, its chicken comes drenched in waffle batter, fried golden and served with chili maple syrup for a spicy-sweet correctional kick in the taste buds.
Among a globe-trotting array of dishes, make a beeline for the Mexican station where beef and bean burritos stuff a tortilla, dished in their very own cast iron skillets at The Buffet at Aria. A lick of avocados and cheese pulls it all together in one fatty fistful, tempered texturally by a crisp side salad of chopped iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes and picante jalapenos.
Ignore the French name -- croquettes -- and think amplified tots: crispy puffed potato packets of oozy cheddar and Monterey Jack goodness. You can have them at the MGM Grand Buffet while treating yourself to a little hair of the dog during the daily champagne brunch -- which is generously extended to 4 p.m. on weekends.
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