Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Column: Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV

In the depths of the Central Shroud, a new menace arises. Travellers talk of undead horrors walking the lands. Gridania's best and bravest soldiers are barely able to hold back the encroaching menace. They need heroes to venture into the tombs of former kings and restore the undead to the dignity of death.

A Dungeon Preview

Tam Tara Deepcroft is the first dungeon available to beta players. It is located in the central shroud, just south of Bentbranch Meadows. The dungeon is designed for a "light party" of four players (full parties are eight players) and is tuned for players in the 15-19 level range. At least for the present, entry into dungeons requires at least one player to run out to the dungeon entrance to talk to a gatekeeper NPC. The remainder of the party need only be in the same zone as the instance.

The Final Fantasy series is recognized for high production values in its cinematics and the introductions to dungeons do not disappoint. Players are treated to a camera pan through of the dungeon accompanied by theme appropriate music.
Once into the dungeon, players will discover that FFXIV treats dungeon instances a bit differently than other MMO's. Dungeons are timed, you have one hour to complete the instance or the duty fails. Additionally, while the main objective is linear, there are branching paths which might just contain some additional treasure. Does the party make a mad dash to complete the objectives? Or, should it branch out and explore some side rooms, possibly increasing the loot haul, but risking failure?

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