Atlas Raider: An innovative social board game!

Atlas Raider
"Simple,Fun and Innovative" is CrayonPixel's main aim and they have show it all in their latest social game "Atlas Raider". Atlas Raider takes on a twisted ride on the classic family board game; Atlas Raider is a cleverly created and surely, very entertaining and addicting game to play.

A few years ago, your father has gone missing during a treasure expedition and only a group called "The Foundation" knows what happened to him. Now, "The Foundation" has hired you to hunt for 13 missing skulls all around the world; you accept the challenge in the hope to find out more about your father's mysterious disappearance.

Atlas Raider features a simple but fun gameplay. The game involves on of the most classics 'Dice Roll' game mechanic. You basically started out with a board with locked spaces and you can unlock those spaces by rolling the dice and land on them. As the game progress, you will be able to discover and explore many new lands.

In addition, in order to find each of the 13 skulls - you will be unlocking gates, accept exciting missions from local people, build buildings, plant and harvest as well as play side mini-game and use your power to fight off wild beasts and animals. You can also play with friends and help each other find lost treasures.

Other than that, you also can unlock new character cards. Each character has his/her own special abilities which will be helpful to your quest. There is also a shop where you can buy weapons to fight with your enemies.

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