IRS Secretary Allegedly Embezzles $8,515 For Online Shopping Spree


The Internal Revenue Service is already on trial for applying special scrutiny to conservative groups' applications for tax exempt status. Now an individual IRS worker is facing a possible 10-year prison sentence for allegedly using her government credit card to go on shopping binges at Amazon.

Yetunde Oseni, 37, a secretary at an IRS office in Lanham, Md., was given an IRS credit card in mid-2009, according to a U.S. District Court felony complaint that was reported by The Smoking Gun. She then allegedly used the card to buy an array of eccentric purchases online, including stretch leggings, a Hello Kitty cosmetic set, two plus-size trench coats, a chocolate fondue fountain, Omaha Steaks, "and other items not used by the IRS," the complaint states. In May, she was charged with embezzling government funds.