E2open Introduces E2 Rapid Resolutions


E2open Introduces E2 Rapid Resolutions

New Product Suite Features Prescriptive Analytics and Decision Support for Cross-Network Course Corrections

FOSTER CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- E2open (NAS: EOPN) , a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for collaborative execution across global trading networks, today announced the addition of E2 Rapid Resolutions, extending the E2open Business Network with cross-network prescriptive analytics for decision support. E2 Rapid Resolutions leverages next-generation integrated data, process, and analysis across the entire trading network for continuous monitoring, earlier detection, and faster resolution of supply chain disruptions. With faster, more intelligent responses, companies can reduce lead times, expediting costs, and inventory across trading partners.

"E2 Rapid Resolutions meets the growing market need for faster, more intelligent decision making within the execution window," said Mark Woodward, President and CEO, E2open. "In response to feedback from a number of enterprise customers, we wanted to develop a product suite that could extend the benefits of cross-network visibility by incorporating sophisticated prescriptive capabilities. It's important to understand that this isn't simply about faster planning—it's about making better decisions in the network with consideration given to operational and financial priorities."

E2 Rapid Resolutions leverages E2open's cloud-based network and process layers, as well as common integration and data models. In combination with E2 Process Management, which identifies current and projected exceptions across the network using predictive analytics, E2 Rapid Resolutions performs single-sweep operations to measure the scope and impact of such disruptions. E2 Rapid Resolutions' unique algorithms calculate operational and financial tradeoffs and present resolution alternatives scored to user-defined, weighted priorities. Considerations include customer service levels, cost to serve, alternate sources of supply, and shipping mode/lane alternatives.

"As change and unpredictability continue to increase, there is a stronger need for closer convergence between supply chain planning and supply chain execution that allows the planning processes to respond to execution changes and deviations from the optimal plan in a meaningful way," according to Tim Payne, Vice President, Research, Gartner, in a June 2012 report entitled New Supply Chain Planning Model Highlights Three Key Phases.

E2 Rapid Resolutions is a product suite of simulation tools that enable enterprises to create, evaluate, and execute scenarios in real time. E2 Rapid Resolutions is integrated with E2 Analytics, which enables enterprises to use both operational and financial data in their decision-making processes. E2 Rapid Resolutions supports multiple resolution workbenches, each of which includes a set of algorithms and workflows designed to solve specific business problems.

E2 Rapid Resolutions features the following new capabilities:

  • Demand/Supply Workbench: Offers supply chain professionals the tools needed to balance supply chain management and execution imperatives. It also enables users to generate multi-dimensional commit plans to satisfy the latest snapshot of prioritized demand, taking into account on-hand, in-transit, and planned supply or capacity across the extended network, in real time.

  • Replenishment Workbench: Enables supply chain professionals to synchronize the distribution of finished goods from suppliers to distributors and customers. It leverages real-time shipment and fished goods inventory information across the distribution network to generate an optimal fulfillment plan, while simultaneously minimizing inventory and transportation costs.

More than 35,000 trading partners, with over 108,000 unique registered users, currently participate in the E2open Business Network, which allows participants to access and share data and execute business processes in a secure, real-time manner. The E2open Business Network also provides collaboration tools and analytics so that E2open customers can make more informed and efficient decisions. For more information on E2open, follow us on Twitter at @E2open or visit us on Facebook.

About E2open

E2open (NAS: EOPN) is a leading provider of cloud-based, on-demand software solutions enabling enterprises to procure, manufacture, sell, and distribute products more efficiently through collaborative execution across global trading networks. Enterprises use E2open solutions to gain visibility into and control over their trading networks through the real-time information, integrated business processes, and advanced analytics that E2open provides. E2open customers include Celestica, Cisco, Dell, HGST, IBM, L'Oréal, LSI, Motorola, Seagate, and Vodafone. E2open is headquartered in Foster City, California with operations worldwide. For more information, visit www.e2open.com.

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