Sex Worker, Banned From LinkedIn, Cries Discrimination

Sex worker Madison Graham
Sex worker Madison Graham

Used by 93 percent of companies to recruit, LinkedIn is the most popular professional network in the world. But one profession is categorically excluded from it: sex workers. In its updated user agreement, LinkedIn explicitly bars all sex workers, even legal ones, from its site. One prostitute in Nevada calls the new policy "discrimination."

"I pay taxes on my money," says Madison Graham, 41, who's been working legally for Dennis Hof's Love Ranch North in Carson City for about 18 months. She resents being lumped together with criminals. "I'm an LLC. I have a business account at Wells Fargo. I can get a mortgage."

She adds, "Whether you morally approve of it or not, I'm a small business. I'm a small business owner. As long as I'm not being lewd or inappropriate [on the site], I should be afforded the same respect as other small businesses."

LinkedIn's new user agreement, rolled out last week, explicitly prohibits sex workers, even those working legally in Nevada, such as the prostitutes at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch North.

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