Jamie Dimon and Entire JPM Board of Directors Overcome Shareholder Proposals

bank vault
bank vault

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) officially will be keeping Jamie Dimon as both Chairman and as Chief Executive Officer. The annual shareholder meeting showed that the vote to split the roles of Chairman and CEO received only 32% of the votes.

While a vote of 32% of voting to split the roles might seem high, this is actually more supportive than it was in 2012 when shareholders voted some 40% of the votes to split the CEO and Chairman roles. It appears that Jamie Dimon won about 98% of shareholder support to remain as a director. All of the company's directors were reelected as well.

As this has been reported on continuously ahead of the event, we will leave the rest of issues open until we have a breakdown of the actual votes by board member. J.P. Morgan shares are up 2.3% at $53.49 and that is a new post-recession high.

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