What to expect at tomorrow's reveal of Xbox 720

xbox 720
xbox 720

The sky above Microsoft's HQ in Redmond, Washington may as well be green. After all, the next Xbox (dubbed by many as the Xbox 720) will finally be unveiled to the public tomorrow. Gearing up for the exciting announcement, here's everything you should already know about the next Xbox.

1. What's in a name?

Xbox 360
Xbox 360

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For those who didn't know, Xbox 360 got its name because of its synergistic architecture design, combining gaming, friends and online entertainment seamlessly, full circle, if you will. No one really knows what the next Xbox will be called. Will Microsoft keep the name simple and evocative of the final product? People think they know already know the name of the next Xbox. They could be wrong, they could be right. We don't even know what it will be called. Take a look at the list and put in your best guess.

2. Which price is right?

The Xbox 360 launched at a premium price point of $399.00. I knew a lot of people who thought this was too expensive, but still, I had friends that had no problem spending whatever necessary to be a part of the next-gen revolution. Most consumers are willing to wait for the eventual price drop. Considering the promise of a next-gen experience, how much would you be willing to pay for the next Xbox?

The right price for the next Xbox

3. Games, games, games

This is all we care about, right? We want good games and we want them now! Unfortunately, that's not really how things work. The best games for the Xbox Next and the PS4 likely won't be released for another 4 or 5 years. So, what can you get on launch day? To offer a full launch lineup, Microsoft will likely offer some racing games (Project Gotham or Forza), shooters (COD: Ghosts), sports (EA's annual offering) and the experimental platform-exclusive title that showcases the potential of the new machine (In the past, Halo and Kameo.) What kinds of titles are you looking for on launch day?

Most desired launch day games for the next Xbox

4. Xbox Live

Xbox Live
Xbox Live

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Xbox Live is the king of online console gaming services. It's secure, fast, pretty, and robust. It isn't free, unlike the PSN and Nintendo Network services. However, out of the box, Xbox Live offered perks that fans loved and PS3 and Wii owners wished they had. Cross-game chat, fast updates, larger community, and avatars will undoubtedly be present in the next Xbox but more interesting, what other features will Xbox Live bring in the future?

5. What won't we know after the reveal?

Xbox 720 price
Xbox 720 price

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We will know the name, what the console looks like and we will see games. It's possible we might see more, but with the E3 conference right around the corner, Microsoft is going to save their big punches for then. Expect enough only to wet your whistle and nothing more.

6. Enough talking, how do I watch the reveal?

Tune back into Games.com News at 1 PM EST and you'll see a big, inviting article "Xbox: A New Generation streaming live." Click it and you'll be able to among the first to know everything there is to know about the next Xbox.